Name : neovo geesink
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Born : August 13, 2010, 7:09 am (UTC)
(13.84 years old) or (5053 days old)
Account Info : Grid Admin
UUID : 9c054ea0-b3cd-9ff2-e6a5-863e3d29707f
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Dutch male, 1972/01/14.

One of the admins of OSgrid, Especially IN-World issues.

My Languages:
Dutch (Native)
English (Good)
German (Average)

In the tab "Picks" you will see which regions, -Except Lbsa Plaza- are running on my Servers.
These are public regions with different functions.
They are normally up 24/7 and have a 1GB / 100Mb connection.

If Interested, you can ask me the Lightshare / Windlight scripts for any of these regions.

Mechanic at the Scania truck plant in Zwolle, the Netherlands.
Website :
Languages : Dutch, English, German

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